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Announcement from the Secretary/ Treasurer, Business Manager 

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Brothers and Sisters,

The Construction Industry has one of the highest incidence rates for suicide. While the causes are many the first step to prevention is simple, awareness. In conjunction with LiUNA! NW Region, we are beginning the initial steps to educate everyone on how to identify the signs and to direct people in need to the appropriate resources. The Business Agents will be on the jobs distributing packets of information. If you would like one call the Local and ask for an Agent. Please be advised the following Video deals with a sensitive subject, the video will help you understand the contents of the packets..
All too often we lose a family member, friend, or coworker to suicide. It is time we work to end this and stand with and support each other.

In Solidarity

Dale W. Cannon
Secretary/ Treasurer
Business Manager
Laborers Local Union 242

Suicide Awareness

President's Report

Laborers Local Union 242 Brothers and Sisters:

The New Year has brought more work and more opportunities for Laborers Local Union 242. We are looking forward to another great year! We have a strong and supportive team here at Laborers Local Union 242 and will only get stronger. Serving as Dispatcher for the Local has been an honor that I have taken great pride in. I look forward to new responsibilities as Assistant Business Manager and continuing to serve all of our members. I am always available to help the membership in any way I can, but we need your help. Familiarize yourself with the Agreement you are working under. The 2018-2021 Western/ Central Master Labor Agreement had some changes, among them zone pay.

Appendix 1, Schedule ā€œCā€, Sec. 6

A. The Downtown Seattle Zone is defined as the are West of I-5, South of Mercer St. and North of Royal Brougham. For the purpose of this section, the Mercer St. and Royal Brougham boundaries will be a straight line extensions to a point the straight line intersects Elliot Bay.

B. A premium of $1.00 will be paid for each hour worked within this zone.

If you feel you aren't being paid correctly contact a Business Agent.

Thank you for making Laborers Local Union 242 what it is today.


Mike Whiteside


Assistant Business Manager

Laborers Local Union 242


Dispatcher's Corner


I am honored to be the Dispatcher for Laborers Local Union 242 and I look forward to working with all of the members and providing Signatory Contractors with the best Construction Craft Laborers in ML King County.

Last year we had a record year for man hours and see no let down this year. If you are laid off, come down for dispatch. We are sending out Laborers every day. Remember, we need to continue to send out qualified Laborers and if you lack the necessary skills and abilities to perform the job, you hurt all of us. Take advantage of the Training School and get updates and learn new skills.

In Solidarity

Sam Garcia


Laborers Local Union 242